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First accommodation created on the principle of sustainable development in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of the Oasis of Southern Morocco classified world heritage by UNESCO in the year 2000.

Designed and designed in a sustainable way, the Ecolodge has received numerous national and international awards for Sustainable, Responsible and Ecological Tourism since its opening. Already a pioneer at the time of its creation, the Ecolodge has since established itself as one of the leaders in Morocco of this committed Tourism. 

In the heart of the Draa Valley, Bab El Oued is also a new way to travel. Place for agriturismo and nature tourism par excellence . Slow Travel or how to relearn how to take your time, give meaning to every gesture and enjoy the moment.

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Before becoming this lush Ecolodge, Bab El Oued has distinguished himself significantly since its creation. The masterpieces and creators of this unique place: Mathilde & Zine, accompanied for 3 years a 100% local team of 15 malhams, specialists in the art of the pisé as well as bioclimatic dwellings (inspired by the Kasbahs) in the creation of this original place.

This is the same team that has been working on a daily basis for more than 10 years and has been constantly evolving in Bab el Oued.


Combining Tradition, Comfort, Innovation and Sustainable Development, the Ecolodge has instantly equipped itself with all possible ecological innovations: wastewater treatment plant, solar panels for hot water, taps & economic toilets, solar pump for the well, LED bulbs etc...

A strong initial investment that finally allowed a very high quality exploitation and a rewarding ethics.


The Garden Lodge is inspired by the ancestral construction of the raw earth kasbahs and the nomadic habitats of the region, the unique Bioclimatic Lodges of the estate are built using earth bricks made on site with the garden land. On site the trees were all preserved and no less than 500 specimens were planted. The plants and plants of the region were used exclusively (palm trees, eucalyptus, oleanders, reeds, tamarisks, wild bamboo).

The bricks were made on site by the lodge and baked in the sun.

The decoration is a sweet Africanoriental mixture, between local know-how, (Moroccan antiques: chests, fabrics, upholstery, tables & chairs, etc.) and African collectibles (masks, fabrics, chairs, tables and wax, etc.) An invitation to travel to Berber countries.



Be surprised by the exuberance and the original combination of nearly 250 varieties of plants at the heart of this 2 hectare Eden. Beyond their aesthetic dimension, the gardens of Bab el Oued are also “experimental and conservation gardens” in order to preserve and enhance a sustainable Oasian culture in permaculture.



Bab el Oued Oasis, a true hotel innovation for the region, is managed in an eco-responsible and sustainable manner. Among the very first labeled “Green Key”, since May 2012, for all its efforts and investments in favour of the environment and sustainable tourism.




Aware of the importance of offering a healthy cuisine (without additives or preservatives) and in the continuity of a project respectful of People and Nature, are grown in a natural way on the estate more than 250 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals and medicinal plants, which constitute the generous and inventive cuisine of the place.



Actively involved in the preservation of the Oases of Southern Morocco, it is quite naturally that the hives came to settle at the Domaine. The Saharan bee being an endangered species Bab el Oued actively participates in its repopulation and protection.


So that the journey continues to your home, many artisanal products from the Oasis parcels, such as date/quince/orange/apricot/tangerine jams... Oasis honey, date boxes, date vinegar/apple/apricot, henna, carpets... are available in the shop.

Choosing an Ethical & Responsible Travel

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